Deep frying – How to do it in a healthy way


Many people try to stay away from fried food because they look at it as unhealthy and a major source of unwanted calories which, in turn, can lead to weight gain as well as an increase in the cholesterol level. Yes, this is true, but not too many people are aware that there is also a healthy way to fry different types of food. It actually depends on the method of frying and the kind of oil that is being used.

With that said, you can still enjoy your French fries and other dishes that involve frying.

Deep frying

ghdhdh84This cooking method is very popular because it is quite easy to do, and most of all, it produces delicious food that can be enjoyed by everyone. Just imagine a crunchy fried chicken with matching French fries, this will definitely make the entire family’s day!

In order for you to ensure that you will be eating healthy fried food, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind;

Choose the right equipment

Like what was mentioned earlier, healthy frying depends on the method, and so, you have to choose the right equipment. This particular cookware is highly in demand these days because it has been proven to be very useful in ensuring that the food that is being deep fried will have minimal grease.

Use the best oil

Another important consideration that you have to make is the oil that you will utilize. Although using a hot air fryer will only require a little amount of grease, you still need to consider using the best oil. With this, you can go for Olive oil. You can also make use of Sunflower oil if you wish to.

Make sure the food is dry

When frying any kind of food, it is essential that the meat and any other ingredients are dry. Breading or coating the meat is a good way to ensure that the food is dry before putting it into the cooking equipment or appliance.

Ensure that there is enough space

gddhd74It is crucial that there is enough space in between the ingredients because this will help ensure that the food will be cooked well both inside and on the outside. When using a hot air fryer, having adequate space will allow the hot air to circulate efficiently.