Basic Understanding Of Long Board Parts

Longboards have gained great popularity in the past decades after the hip hop world gave them a major boost in the 70s. They are also used for various reasons like sports, competitions, family fun, and passion riding as well as for movement. It is said that every part of the Best Longboard Brands 2017 is carefully made with excellent materials and passes through detailed quality assessment before being assembled into one whole longboard. For the newbies in this fun activity, it is advisable to understand every component of the longboard.

>Basic Understanding Of Long Board Parts

The Deck

The deck offers the surface for stepping while riding the board. It is also the most cherished part of the board by the longboard fans as it defines the type of board and quality. The decks come in different sizes shapes color and material. They define the categories of the longboard like cruising, down hills and free rides. The another significant aspect of the deck is the material where some are made of bamboo, maple or carbon fiber. High-end longboards have decks made of carbon fiber which is expensive and durable. Cruising longboards have their decks made of bamboo which is light to cruise through the city pavements with ease.


The wheels

Wheels are crucial when it comes to longboarding. They determine the speed and ease of movement. Experienced longboarders will be keen to inspect the wheels before the accept to buy any longboard. To them, the size and the material of the wheel matters a lot. A small diameter will make the longboard slow while it’s moving hence they are better for the cruisers. Downhills which have the primary aim as speed will have more millimeters in diameter. The hardness of the wheel is another key aspect to consider as soft wheels are slower but have a better grip on the surface. They are the best recommended for starters to avoid accidents.

The trucks and bearing

Trucks are the part that connects the wheels to the deck and are crucial components. The main characteristic to check is the material and length of the vehicles. Angles also do matters as it affects the turning speed. Hardened metals like stainless steel make the best truck. The bearings have a fundamental role to the longboard smooth of movement.



Longboards are anticipated to gain even more popularity in the coming years. People have even started using them more often for cruising around the town and school compounds. Consider a keen inspection on each part before purchasing one.