The advantages of LED signs and display

The LED signs and display are becoming popular in the field of advertisement. For example, the digital billboards have become the ultimate choice in the field of advertisement. They are usually bright with a vivid display which attracts the attention of onlookers, especially at night. You get creative and colorful displays with the LED signs and plays. Click on the highlighted link for the Top Signage in NY. Let us look at some of the advantages of the LED signs and display;


Long life


One advantage of the LEDs is that they have a long life. The LEDs can last for between 50,000 and 100,000 hours that translates to between three and six years. This is unlike the other types of lights that can be used for advertisements like neon and fluorescent. The LEDs do not contain gases which usually leak out and result to the dimness. You are, therefore, assured of great quality throughout the lifespan of your LED.

Eye-catching brightness

Another characteristic of the LED sign and display is its eye-catching brightness. This is what distinguishes the LED signs from the other types of lighting. This is because the LED technology produces clear and brilliant light that is friendly to the eyes. The light stands out and is ideal especially at night or when it is foggy. Whether daytime or nighttime, the LED signs can be used to pass a clear message.


Another advantage of the LED signs and display is that it is eco-friendly. Typically, the LED displays use about ten watts of power. This is 80 percent less than what the fluorescents and neon systems use. This is because strict energy standards have been adopted in their making thereby significantly reducing the lighting costs. They do not contain toxic gases like argon or mercury which are not environmentally friendly. They do not generate much heat like the other bulbs so you should not be worried about heating the room which might lead to increased energy bills.

Great signage options


There are great signage options as far as the LED signs and display is concerned. The LED technology gives the capability to combine the various types of light and movement which will lead to animation, color changes, and digital flashes just but to mention a few. This great versatility cannot be achieved with the fluorescent and neon light. The LED can be combined into many lights or separated into single lights and be programmed to light up, fade, or flash independently. This